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Saturday, 25 February 2017

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Welcome to the White Crane School of Bushido.

Where you learn tactics and philosophy to overcome physical harm !

If you would like to get fit - join a gym, but  if you would like to LEARN how to use skills to overcome attacks from one, two or more unarmed or armed assailants - then The White Crane School of Bushido will be for you.

We offer you world class tuition in superior martial arts.

Training Available:

      * TE - JUTSU                         ( Combat methods of the Warrior Elite )

      * KEN-JUTSU                        ( The art of the samurai sword )

      * KOBU-JUTSU                     (  Weapons of Okinawa )


      * Hand to Hand Combat         ( Military Special Forces Black Ops )  


Classes Available:

  • On going student classes, beginner to advanced
  • Self-defensive seminars, basic / intermediate / advanced
  • Self-defense courses: Weekend, 1 or 2 day, Week night,  6 – 12 weeks
  • Special ( to suit your needs )
  • Private tuition

Click on the SCHEDULE tab on the left for info on WHERE and WHEN we train.

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For more information feel free to visit us at one of our Dojos or

contact me on 021 71 33 54 ( text or call )

e-mail me on This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Sensei Ray ( Ojiisan ) Porter




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